Our vision is to revolutionize the way fashion and other beauty items are purchased in Qatar. We strongly believe and work hard, that the possibility of shopping online via application will improve the shopping experience and open a new chapter of online shops in Qatar


At Q Avenue our mission is to enhance your shopping experience by making the latest fashion trends more accessible via our application and deliver them right to you. We undertake to provide our services with a strong customer focus which also means reasonable pricing.



Shop fashion comfortably from wherever you are. Buy your dress for the next weekend while having lunch with your friends or browse our app for bargains while waiting for your next appointment.

You will find an range of local and international companies at your fingertips, ready for delivery and with you within 24 hours.




Partnership Program

Q Avenue not only offers a great experience for the customer who are looking for the latest fashion trends, but offers local businesses a partner program for which they can register.

The Q Avenue Partnership enables local shops to present their products and services on the application, which will open up a large audience and great business opportunities for them.

Because we  truly care about  the Qatari market we want to facilitate the process for both parties – local businesses and customers.



Industry Information

The rapidly developing economy in Qatar finds its drive in their residents who are always looking for ways to improve the status quo. Q Avenue follows this trend and introduces an application that will push the accessibility of online shopping to the next level in Qatar.

The online shopping industry is still in its infants in Qatar but residents are already using online providers from outside the country to shop from wherever they are. Q Avenue will bring this experience directly to Qatar by creating a link between local/ international brands and the residents of Qatar via application



Contact Us

Q Avenue

Est. 2nd January 2018

+974 4447 0918

1104,11th Floor Marina Twin Towers, Lusail – Qatar

Q Avenue is a dynamic Start Up company from Qatar who developed an application that will facilitate the way people are shopping fashion. Through the Q Avenue e-Shopping gate customers can access the latest fashion trends, cosmetic items and a lot more.

+974 4447 0918

1104,11th Floor Marina Twin Towers, Lusail – Qatar